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Grace's Perfect Blend

A unique blend of taste and tradition.

Grace’s Perfect Blend are suppliers of premium fried chicken breading and flavoured blends to restaurants and fast food outlets throughout Ireland and the UK. The Grace family have a long history in the industry stretching back almost 50 years when they operated a chain of fast food restaurants in Ireland. Specializing in Fried Chicken the Grace’s original recipe blend of twelve herbs and spices gave their chicken a unique flavour.

Grace’s Perfect Blend USA are the licensed supplier in the United States of America of Grace’s products. For that unique taste of crispy fried chicken you’ve come to the right place!

That famous recipe, experience and know how is now available to restaurants and fast food via the Grace’s Perfect Blend product range with our team ready to assist you and ensure that you enjoy both a premium product and premium level customer service.

We truly appreciate the interest in Grace’s Perfect Blend. It has been very exciting and humbling to have so much interest in our product. We never anticipated the incredible response to the Glen and Friends video and the subsequent piece in the Financial Times.

We appreciate your patience while we’ve been developing our 1 Kilo packs for sale and are excited to be able to let you know that we now have the 1Kg packs of Grace’s Perfect Blend ‘Strong Blend’ breading available for purchase.

If you are interested in purchasing Grace’s Perfect Blend ‘Strong Blend’ breading, please vsit our store by clicking on the buy now button.

We truly value all enquiries, and everyone who has shown interest in our products.

Thanks so much,
Karl, Anne and Emma

Cooking Instructions

Recently the Canadian based cooking channel “Glen & Friends” approached me as they were doing a piece about KFC and the history of their secret spice.

Because of our history with Col. Sanders they came across our website.

Even though our breading has links to Col. Sanders it is not the original recipe.

Glen finished his investigation with our breading and another brand and posted this video on YouTube. Hope you enjoy it!

Checkout chicken fried with Papa.

Visit @sunnyside_ on tiktok.



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Our Products

Fried Chicken Breading

We have continued to use the same high quality blend of herbs and spices as we did when we first started selling Fried Chicken almost 50 years ago. This time honoured blend of herbs and spices is mixed with the finest flour and when deep fried gives you the perfect and original Fried Chicken.

Our History

Pat Grace with Colonel Sanders at a Restaurant Association Show in Chicago, Illinois in May 1978.

The Grace family name has been synonymous with Fried Chicken in Ireland for almost 50 years. In 1970 Pat Grace returned to Ireland having lived in Toronto, Canada for over a decade. In his time in Canada Pat had seen the rise of the Kentucky Fried Chicken brand and was sure that he could market and sell Colonel Sanders’ famous product to the Irish market.

After making some inquiries Pat discovered that the Colonel had a holiday home near Toronto and set up a meeting with him. The two men immediately hit it off and the Colonel was equally enthusiastic about Pat’s idea for bringing the Kentucky Fried Chicken brand across the Atlantic.

On his return home in 1970 Pat opened his first Kentucky Fried Chicken shop in Phibsboro shopping centre in Dublin. It was a huge success and Pat went on to open 6 more Kentucky Fried Chicken shops in Dublin and Limerick between 1970 and 1982.

Pat was meticulous in ensuring that the Irish shops stayed true to Colonel Sanders original recipes and methods from using the same pressure fryers supplied by Winston to the way the now famous chicken gravy was made.

Pat became close friends with Colonel Sanders over the years travelling frequently to his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky right up to the Colonel’s death at the age of 90 in 1980.

Following Colonel Sanders’ passing the corporation that now owned Kentucky Fried Chicken began a program of cost cutting resulting in changes to key ingredients such as the gravy and changing the equipment used.

Grace’s ad from U2 concert program at Croke Park, Ireland in 1985.

Pat however was keen to ensure that he followed the legacy left by Colonel Sanders and keep to his original standards so in 1983 he changed from Kentucky Fried Chicken to Pat Grace’s Famous Fried Chicken.

Even though the name had changed the product remained the same and customers continued to enjoy the chicken and gravy they had grown to love. Under the Grace’s Famous Fried Chicken banner Pat opened two more shops, one on North Main Street in Cork City and the other on the country’s main thoroughfare, O’Connell Street in Dublin.

In the following years Pat began franchising the brand with some success. However the recession of the late 80’s combined with the fact that franchising was still a new business model saw a switch in focus to wholesaling the famous chicken breading. The beloved recipe combined with the family’s expertise in the business ensured that clients were able to get the best results for their own fried chicken.

Since then the company has gone on to acquire loyal customers who have built successful businesses with Grace’s chicken breading as a key ingredient. Other products have also been added to compliment our chicken breading leading to the Grace’s Perfect Blend range.

Pat Grace passed away in 2009 but his name is still known for Fried Chicken in Ireland and the Grace family continue to supply the original 12 spice recipe fried chicken breading.