Grace’s Strong Blend Chicken Breading 1kg (includes shipping)

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Grace’s Perfect Blend Fried Chicken Breading

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Grace’s Strong Blend Chicken Breading 1kg (includes shipping)


We have continued to use the same high quality blend of herbs and spices as we did when we first started selling Fried Chicken breading almost 50 years ago. This time honoured blend of herbs and spices is mixed with the finest flour and when deep fried gives you the perfect and original crispy Fried Chicken. This could be the best fried chicken breading you have ever tasted!

A unique blend of taste and tradition.

Grace’s Perfect Blend are suppliers of premium fried chicken breading and flavoured blends to restaurants and fast food outlets throughout Ireland and the UK. The Grace family have a long history in the industry stretching back almost 50 years when they operated a chain of fast food restaurants in Ireland. Specialsing in Fried Chicken the Grace’s original recipe blend of twelve herbs and spices gave their chicken a unique flavour.

That famous recipe, experience and know how is now available to restaurants and fast food via the Grace’s Perfect Blend product range with our team ready to assist you and ensure that you enjoy both a premium product and premium level customer service.

Now available in the USA.

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Weight 1 kg
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3 reviews for Grace’s Strong Blend Chicken Breading 1kg (includes shipping)

  1. Chris

    Bought this because of Glenn & Friends before they got a US supplier. This tastes exactly like a major fast food chain that has a Kentucky Colonel. It’s amazing. Buy this.

  2. Joyce Hankins (verified owner)

    I will soon place my second order. For those of us with nastalgic pallets, this is as close to the original KFC as you are going to get. I used mine on chicken and chicken fried steak. Took the chicken fried steak to another level. Per the directions from Glen and friends do take the added step and purchase the Marion Kay 99 x seasoning for full authenticity of the original recipe, however, do not season your Strong Blend or meat as you usually would because it will be too salty. Just a dash or two in the flower from the shaker. The only bad part of my experience with Strong Blend was meeting people too young to know what the original recipe Kentucky Fried Chicken was like or older people who said they hadn’t had it in so long they forgot. Remember or not, this is an excellent seasoning.

  3. Terry Clark (verified owner)

    Being a little more than skeptical, I went ahead and bought a $30 bag to try. WOW was I ever pleasantly surprised!! This stuff is top shelf and better than KFC in my opinion. We love wings and even leftover cold chicken is killer good!!
    You will not be sorry!!

    Wheeling, WV

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